Objectives of the treatment at JEEVAN CARE

  • Interrupt the drinking or drug using behaviour.
  • Detoxification of the individual from Alcohol and Drugs.
  • Break through the denial mechanisms of the Disease.
  • Break through the barriers of isolation and loneliness which separated the individual from the family, friends and society.
  • Identify and interrupt dis-oriented family and social relationships and replace them with positive ways of thinking and behaviour that includes working with the whole family
  • Introduction to self help support systems at home and in the community for both family members and clients.
  • Establish new way of communication patterns to enhance interpersonal relationships
  • Discover new and healthier ways of coping mechanism with their feelings
  • Encourage lifestyle changes necessary for Continued abstinence
  • Administer counselling & treatment for co- dependants to bring about more meaningful family relationships.