Rehabilitation Centre in Tamilnadu

Rehabilitation Centre in Tamilnadu

Psychosocial Interventions including Psychotherapy, Motivational Enhancement Therapy & intensive counselling.

Need for Rehabilitation:

The enormity of the problem is that the government cannot address itself fully to alleviate the sufferings of the victims & their families & it is for Ngo's to come forward to help the society at large & the families & the individual in particular. Compounding the problem is the fast changing social & family structure which necessities an centre for the addicted persons in a Home Away from Home.

Jeevan Care Centre is serving this need & it happens to be one of the leading Rehabilitation centre in Chennai with an ISO certification. Considering the vastness of the problem, limitations of the Government a greater involvement by Ngo's is most needed & Jeevan care is one such effort.

Some of the disorders by their very nature need a long term Theraputic care & Rehabilitation.There is always a High risk of relapsability,needing family education to handle critical situations when the patient is back in Home.